University of Missouri Field Day

While we did not have a lot of members attend, those that did were treated with updated research information, and had the opportunity to network. Two tour stops that really stood out, (well they all did, but) was Dr. Xi Xong’s billbug in zoysia presentation. While prior research concentrated on identifying the life cycle and the pest itself. This presentation dealt with control, with the best results by spraying insecticides at night when the billbug was active. Another option was to sweep the billbugs up, using a device that is used on artificial sports fields to help sweep up the crumb rubber. The other was some trail work Dr. Lee Miller had done with the just released fungicide Maxtima. It has shown some good results controlling dollarspot without the damage other DMI’s cause in the mid summer.

Thanks to the success of our Scholarship and Research outing, due to all of your support, we were also able to present a $1,000 check to help the University run the research farm. It was much appreciated.

While the date for the next field day is not set yet, rest assured it will take place in 2021.

Also as a reminder, if you have a college attendee either in family or on your crew, don’t forget to submit a scholarship application!