September Meeting - Ozark Turf Association Championships

We are a month out from our next meeting, and thankfully we survived the past few weeks. This should give us plenty of time to get our courses prepared for our fall events, and allow for us to take some time off to attend this meeting/tournament. (And hopefully get some rust off our clubs prior to the event).

Just to let everyone know, the format for this tournament will be stroke play, with the lowest score winning. And for us that are a little more golfing challenged, there will be two flights with prizes.

We want to thank Adam Camp and Hidden Valley Golf Links for hosting this event.

We also want to thank Brian Cheever, Clear Creek Vehicles, and Club Car for sponsoring this event and providing this lovely trophy that I currently have sitting at my house, since that will be the only time I have a golf trophy here. Well except for that long drive one I won back in 1993 when I was younger and took advantage of some hard pan in the left rough, (where most of my drives would end up), and luckily rolling back into the fairway to claim the prize. Many thanks go to the days of single row irrigation for my win.