Price Cutter Charity Championship a Success

While players are still on the golf course as I write this, the Price Cutter Charity Championship can still be called a success. Superintendent Jared Brewster and his staff have presented a great golf course. They were also assisted by many Ozark Turf Association members.

Gold Partners Professional Turf Products, GreensPro, VanWall, and Silver Partner, BWI, all provided dinners for the evening work shifts. Steve Simpson with BWI even made his Low Country Boil.

The OTA members who assisted Jared and his crew, included Board Members, Sam Richart, President from Fremont Hills C.C., Mike Irvine, Vice President from Bill and Payne Stewart Golf Course, Mark Slaughter from GreensPro, and Melvin Waldron, Secretary/Treasurer, from Horton Smith Golf Course. Also helping out were Jonathan Prange, superintendent, and Tyler Scroggins assistant, from Holiday Island, Jay Butler, assistant superintendent from Twin Oaks C.C., Joe Mannuci, superintendent from Piney Valley at Ft. Leonard Wood, Dustin Buckner, assistant from Hidden Valley, Juan Barragan, superintendent, and Steven Story, assistant, from Ozark National, Scott Welsh, from Professional Turf Products, Steve Simpson, from BWI, Andy Klein, from VanWall, and Tyler Fishel, from GreensPro, all assist on the golf course. Hopefully I didn’t miss anybody.

Keep an eye for next year’s Korn Ferry Tour schedule so you can make a day or two available to work a shift. I found it a great opportunity for camaraderie and networking.