March 24th News

Hi all, just want to thank those that have RSVP’s for Thursday’s meeting. We have 21 who have done so. The weather forecast as of this moment, looks great for our meeting, but of course we know that here in the Ozarks, things can change quickly. Sometimes a great forecast will keep many of you back at your courses, preparing for spring. Hopefully since the warm season grasses are not growing yet, you can still find time to attend.

Another note this week, Dr. Lee Miller, from the University of Missouri, has started his Disease Reports, if you are on his emailing list, you will be receiving these already, but if your not, you can find the link to his reports under the Disease Reports tab.

We also want to share, Melvin Waldron, CGCS, just returned from serving on the GCSAA Membership Recruitment and Retention Task Group. While many ideas and topics were discussed, and will be forwarded to the GCSAA Board of Directors, we mention this to encourage our members, who would like to serve their fellow members, of the opportunities that exist, to volunteer for committees and task groups. Some that will even require no traveling, and work is done through conference calls, and go to meeting services. Besides the satisfaction of serving your fellow members, and networking with fellow group members, you will also receive service points that can help you maintain or earn Class A status. We will remind people this fall when the volunteer application process opens again.

One last note, if you, your staff, or your facility has some good news to promote, please feel free to send to us. We would love to share it.

Thanks for reading!


MRR Task Group.jpg